Market places very important social spaces in Isaan. A third of the population in this region lives in villages with less than 500 inhabitants. There, small shops sell grocery and basic goods. Local market centres provide an additional and much more diverse offer of fresh fruits and vegetables and other consumables. However, to go there, transportation is required as these centres can be located at distances of up to 15km.

Marketshop with vegetables and fruits
A colourful and lively atmosphere lies over the markets even before sunrise. Marketeers and gastronomers buy supplies in fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. ‘The early bird catches the worm‘: the earlier you get up, the better and more diverse offer you will find. Prices increase over the day and the choice in goods significantly drops. In any case, however, the better your bargaining skills are, the better the price you will get.

Common to all markets are the numerous mobile cooking shops. They always propose a variety of freshly prepared local food, from fresh vegetables cooked in a wok, to soups and rice mash, grilled fish or ready-to-eat fruit. If you are hungry, small sitting areas made of camping chairs and tables allow taking a rest and having some food on the spot. If you prefer to take your shopping back hope, you will be helped with a range of plastic bags to take away.

fahrender Händler
Many farmers do also work as flying merchants. They cross the villages with small vans or pick-ups full of their produce, fruits, vegetables or eggs and announce their merchandise and prices over a loud speaker to the local population while another family member sells directly from the back of the vehicle. .

The flying markets usually take place once or twice a month in most places. At sunset, the market stalls are set up at a central square in the villages, mainly offering household items and clothing. The market is usually announced through large loudspeakers from early morning through the day with interludes of local music.

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