Enjoy one of the many traditional celebrations and national holidays. There are many in Thailand.

freizeit 601Songkran festival on April 13 and 14 This is one of the most important festivals and holidays in the country. On the occasion of Songkran, families gather together and travel through the country to celebrate at their hometown. This also means traffic jams and a huge rush of vehicles, mainly from the megapole Bangkok to the countryside. You can see Pick-up trucks packed to the last square centimeter with people, baggages and gifts for the travelers' families back home.

On December 31, New Year's in our Gregorian calendar, The same procedure takes place once more.
The Thai people love to celebrate which is why foreign traditions are easily integrated in the calendar of festivities. Chinese New Year is celebrated as per the traditional Chinese peasants calendar and takes place between Januarz 20 and February 21 each year. Chinese New Year is an important celebration as well, since many Thai people do have Chinese origins.
Even Christmas celebrations have left a trace In December, colourfully decorated Christmas trees are erected in the entrance halls of shopping malls and centres, and loudspeakers emit well-known Christmas carols. Nothing but the snow is missing…
If a national celebration or holiday date is on a Saturday or Sunday, the following labour day is a day off. This is mainly to the benefit of employees in the public and banking sectors or schools. These institutions then remain closed. The large shopping centres and commercial areas, however, are open 365 days a year.

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