The local life in Isaan is very much determined by agriculture.

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A vast landscape of rice, sugar cane and manioc plantations as well as fruit and rubber plants determine the landscape. Most provide subsistence for small farmers and their families. Rice is being cultivated for their own consumption and sale. Sugar cane and manioc are purchased by processing industries.

Discover the authentic and original Thailand with us. You can get to know the daily life of farmers and learn about the agricultural life and work on the fields.

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Join us for an early morning walk to our farm. Take a walk through the fields, forests and pastures before the sun fries the dewy grass. Let us show you where to gather mushrooms, how to recognize edible plants and admire the magnificent and diverse nature all around.

Market places very important social spaces in Isaan. A third of the population in this region lives in villages with less than 500 inhabitants. There, small shops sell grocery and basic goods. Local market centres provide an additional and much more diverse offer of fresh fruits and vegetables and other consumables. However, to go there, transportation is required as these centres can be located at distances of up to 15km.

Life in the local village awakes just before dawn.
In these early hours, loudspeakers mounted at central places in the village emit some gentle music. Then, the communities eldest representative announces important information for agricultural businesses and the latest village news.

Gain an impression of a school day in Thailand. Maybe you have time to sit in an English class. Teachers and students generally welcome the visit of a foreigner, or 'farang' (long-nose).

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