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Talee Bua Daeng
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Presenting a raving beauty of "Red Lotus" from approximately November until the end of March “Thalee Bua Daeng” is a popular holiday destination especially for the locals.

The Red Lotus Sea Festival or “Talee Bua Daeng Baan” Festival is taking place in the middle of January .
The Million Lotus Wedding Festival is taking place in the middle of February.

The perfect time to see the beautiful red lotuses in full booming is in the morning from 6am to 11am.

Because the banks of the lake are widely covered by tall elephant grasses that hide the spectacular site beyond the lake need to be visited by boat to be truly appreciated.
As these listed wetlands are home to rare birds and wildlife, bird watchers will have the opportunity to see a wide variety of fowl.

Actually there are two piers where to go for a boat trip.
Boat tours up to 10 people per boat.
Short tour takes about 1h, long tour about. 1,5h;
Tour rates per boat December 2013 300THB / 500THB tour.

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