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Phu Ruea Nationalpark
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If you hike to Phu Ruea Peak you will have attained 1,365 meters above sea level. From here you can enjoy spectacular views of the park and the mountain range. Due to the cool climate the area is rich in orchid species which flower throughout the year.

To experience one of the famous magnificent sunrises you have to be an early bird. But it is highly recommended to prepare with some warm clothes.
In wintertime temperatures drops up to + 2 ° C.
In January 1981 was even at -4 ° C (in words: minus four degrees) the previously lowest temperature measured.

I have experienced this sunrise several times with friends and guests. All of them have been thrilled! It is advisable to have a night on the spot, to be at the peak about 5:00h a.m. prior to sunrise. Not arriving in time you will miss something.

If you like to shoot, a tripod is useful.
Going by car until about 2km before the viewpoint.
Then take a walk or go by a park taxi up to the lookout.
The Park-Taxis are already busy at this time!

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