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Lampao Dam
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Lampao Dam is a very popular holiday destination for the local population as it holds beautiful bathing spots around the lake.

Especially at weekends and when school holidays there is a brisk activity around the lake. Simple, straw-covered bamboo huts offer shade and protection from the sun. The mobile cooking shops offer delicious and varied snacks of local specialties. For a small fee you can rent floating tires and enjoy a swim!

The lake extends about 50 km from North to South. Midway a small ferry operated until 2009 from sunrise until nightfall. Today, the 'Thepsuda' bridge spans here and connects the shores of Nongkungsi and Sahatsakan districts.
The old ferry was renovated and turned into a floating restaurant that now anchors at its former pier. This is a perfect place for a family dinner. Taste the delicious fish dishes and enjoy a picturesque sun down with romantic panorama.
Lampao dam was constructed between 1963 and 1968 to ensure regular water supply to the surrounding agricultural businesses and to limit damages from seasonal floods. In addition the lake is presently being used for fish farming by the neighbouring communities.
The lake is supplied by the rivers 'Lam Pao' and 'Huai Yang'. It took until 1985 to complete the damming of the approximately 1.430 million cbm of water and the construction of the irrigation system.