Sawadee, Welcome to EiDi Homestay

Das EiDi Homestay mit seinein Apartments

Your vacation and holiday paradise
in the beautiful landscape of mysterious Isaan.

Do you seek to explore new territories off the beaten track, meet new people and cultures in their local environment? Do you long to relax in harmony with nature?
Then this is the right place for you.

EIDI Homestay,

our holiday resort holds nicely furnished bungalows and apartments, embedded in an exotic garden, that invite you to stay.
Explore this authentic place with its unique historical treasures, open fields, rolling hills and friendly people. Enjoy the many facets of the unknown Thailand.

The Isaan,

this region in between the Mekong river and the Cambodian border makes up about one third of Thailand. The majority of the local people live on agriculture.

Off the beaten track.

Isaan still counts as an insider's tip – until today, only a few tourists have discovered this unexplored landscape which offers many exciting possibilities for a fantastic vacation time.

We offer

a special vacation far away from common tourist destinations. If you are interested, we would be happy to prepare a customized proposal for your personal holiday adventure.

Are you planning an exotic vacation? You would like to relax or be active? Are you preparing to enjoy retirement? We are ready to prepare a package that fits your needs and wishes.
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